John Wilcock: New York Years; in collaboration with Ethan Persoff, an authorized graphic biography of John Wilcock Village Voice and Andy Warhol's Interview co-founder, author and underground publishing pioneer; first published online in chapters, premiered October 2011; first two chapters included in Best American Comics 2017, edited by Ben Katchor, series editor Bill Kartalopoulos, published 10/4/17, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The American Bystander; a quarterly humor print magazine, premiered December 2015; with Ethan Persoff, the cover art of issue #1; subsequent issues featuring SM spot illustrations, as well as serialization of John Wilcock: New York Years

The Black Rose; a 30-minute dance score with audio collage and original beats, commissioned by internationally renowned choreographer Lar Lubovitch; premier: Joyce Theater, NYC, 2014 (2015: Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY; Chicago Dancing Festival, Harris Theater, Chicago, IL)

Scenes from The Black Rose, featuring Reid Bartelme, Mucuy Bolles, Barton Cowperthwaite, and ensemble; The Joyce Theater, Oct. 2014; photos: NY Dance Project and Yi-Chun Wu; Black Rose graphic image: SM

An Illustrated Zarathustra; working from a public domain translation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, a highly edited, serialized, and embellished version of Friedrich Nietzsche’s classic, premiered October 2011

Men’s Stories; a full-length dance score with audio collage and original music, commissioned by Lar Lubovitch; Joyce Theater, NYC, 2013; Baryshnikov Arts Center, NYC, 2011; included in the Lubovitch Company’s 40th Anniversary 2008-09 season national tour (Madison, Dallas, San Luis Obispo, New York City, Salt Lake City, Chicago, San Francisco, Aspen, Avon, Bellingham, Portland); Skirball Center, NYC, 2005; Jacob's Pillow, Becket, MA, 2004; City Center, NYC, 2001; and the original two-week debut run at Orensanz Center for the Arts, NYC, 2000

numerous scores and soundscapes for choreographer Scott Rink (Baltimore Theater Project, Baltimore, MD, 2009; Oakland Ballet, Oakland, CA, 2005; Joyce Studio Theater, NYC, 2004; Minnesota Dance Theater, Minneapolis, and American Ballet Theater Studio, NYC 2003; ATA Theatre, NYC, 2002 and 2001), and others.

Snowflake: The Paranoid-Delusional World of Donald Rumsfeld; a fifteen-page graphic essay on Donald Rumsfeld, commissioned by Fantagraphics; published in anthology, The Bush Junta: Twenty-five Cartoonists on the Mayberry Machiavelli and the Abuse of Power, ed. Mack White and Gary Groth, 2004

• the Poodle animation project; in collaboration with Ethan Persoff, a long-distance FTP and email “exquisite corpse”-style Photoshop and AfterEffects animation game, with instructions; entitled Poodle: Samizdat (10;00), Short Film Corner, Festival De Cannes, Cannes, France, May 2007; DC Shorts Film Festival, WDC, 2006; Galapagos Art Space, "Illegal Art" Film Series, Brooklyn, NY, 2006

• an audio collage for Woody Allen’s Sweetheart Productions (Small Time Crooks, 2000).

• two Brooklyn Arts Council grants for video projects (Secret Subways, 1999; (un)Intended Nature, 2000).

All Power to the People!; a 70-minute two-channel live-mix digital video, commissioned by saxophonist and composer Fred Ho; Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, 1999, with residency; The Kitchen, NYC, 1999

• founded and managed Panic Records and Tapes, an international publishing and distribution collective devoted to producing custom, limited-edition audio projects that featured individually hand-crafted art and packaging (1984-91).

Reviews of the score for Men’s Stories:

Deborah Jowitt in The Village Voice said, “Scott Marshall’s impressive score makes heavy use of Beethoven – the Emperor and Piano Concerto No. 3 – but also smears it or lets other elements fade up through it: his own music, sound effects, a Jewish-sounding melody, an operatic soprano, pop songs, a father-son sex talk, a calliope, and more. These fragments seem keyed to the ‘portraits’ of particular dancers. And whenever Beethoven’s voice sounds clear again, it cloaks them all in glory.”

Jennifer Dunning in the New York Times called the score “ingenious.”

Clive Barnes in the New York Post found the score “rather fun” and thought that Beethoven “twisted [in his grave] like a chicken on a rotisserie.”

New York Newsday commented that “Marshall’s score... is a dense sludge that layers speech, ambient sound, and old pop recordings on top of Beethoven piano music, alluding to fraught relationships between sons and their fathers, sons and their mothers”.

The New Yorker thought the score was “intriguingly weird”.

Show Business Weekly said it was “unorthodox, [with an effect similar to] a… radio station in which transmission drifts in and out and overlaps.”

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