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The What Is Truth? LP Compilation Series Reissue Project

A limited-edition compilation LP series of independent and experimental musicians, 1986-1990

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Clouds and Country
2004 — (73;00)
Fourteen tracks, all music, all original compositions.
Thirteen instrumentals, one collaboration
with singer/songwriter Karen Gollrad, one collaboration
with experimental instrumentalist Eric Leonardson.
Melodic and melancholic; upstate New York twilight
images and rural places.
MP3 excerpt:
Melancholy (1.5mb)

Click [ here ] for a PDF download of the Clouds and Country CD booklet (2.2mb)



Black and White
Disc 1 — (68;01)
Disc 2 — (56;01)
A double-CD of audio collage. Constructed melodies,
rhythms, satire and media barrage. Includes the complete 21-minute
score for Scott Rink’s ballet of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
(Oakland Ballet Theater/Minnesota Dance Theater commission).
MP3 excerpts:
Another Summer (556K)
While You Were Away (1.6mb)
Postcolonial (920K)
Requiem for an Astronaut (1.1mb)



My Life In The Gush of Boasts
2002 — (73;28)
Creating a spoonerism from the title of Amos Tutuola’s
1954 literary masterpiece “My Life In the Bush of Ghosts”
(as well as the 1980s LP of the same name by
Brian Eno and David Byrne), My Life in the Gush of Boasts
is 73 minutes of rhythm-and-collage, ambient electronica and
original field recordings.
MP3 excerpt:
My Life in the Gush of Boasts (6.5mb)



Rank Stranger
2002 — (36;01)
In collaboration with singer and author Jenny Lombard,
Rank Stranger is an experimental foray into old-time
folk music and odd contemporary covers.
MP3 excerpts:
Garden Gate (1.9mb)
Rank Stranger (2.7mb)



Men's Stories
2000 — (69;35)
When world-renowned choreographer Lar Lubovitch first
set eyes on The Orensanz Center for the Arts in Manhattan’s
Lower East Side, he knew he had found the setting for his
next dance piece. The dramatic neo-Gothic wooden structure was
originally built in 1849 as a synagogue. After many years of use and
neglect, the building was rescued from oblivion by sculptor
Angel Orensanz in 1986. In restoring it, Orensanz retained
all of the gloriously beautiful decrepitude and rich history
while developing it into a multi-use arts, production, and
performance space. Lubovitch set Men’s Stories in that rich
atmosphere and commissioned the audio score. Read review
excerpts here. This CD contains the score for the original
production of Men’s Stories, as well as six other original selections.
MP3 excerpt:
from Men's Stories (4mb)



2000 — (60;00)
This CD is a single, one-hour long deep ambient track
featuring original music and site-specific field recordings
from outside of the rural central Illinois village of Pawnee.
MP3 excerpt:
from Pawnee (12mb)



Pine Bush
2000 — (27;19)
This single deep ambient track features collage, original music,
and a field recording from exurban New York in Ulster County.
MP3 excerpt:
Pine Bush (4mb)



Music For a Garden
2000 — (44;00)
Eleven tracks of original music, some of which became
the soundtrack to the video (Un)intended Nature (a semi-abstract
celebration of urban community gardens vs. wild rural spaces;
funded, in part, by the Brooklyn Arts Council).
MP3 from the video (Un)Intended Nature:
Theme (2.8mb)



1999 — (32;00)
Thirteen tracks of experimental audio and collage.
Most tracks previously released on various national and
international compilations. Includes the three tracks produced
for the Woody Allen movie Small Time Crooks (May 2000).
MP3 from the film Small Time Crooks:
The Modern Dance (900K)



The Power of Silence
1999 — (29;40)
Six tracks of spoken word
and electronica-noise collage.
MP3 title track:
The Power of Silence (3.8mb)



High Relief
1995-98 — (55;38)
Seventeen tracks featuring a selection of styles
from different
projects and collaborations.
MP3s excerpts:
from the video Desire: Dance of the Spirits (3.4mb)
Bosch Tapped the Gas Pedal and the Caprice Moved Forward — Remix Part 1 (2.3mb)
from the video Desire: Outro with crank phone call from Bruce Nauman (1.6mb)


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