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Begun as international audio correspondence, it quickly turned into a part-time job.
PANIC was an outgrowth of broadcasting and activities at WZRD-FM 88.3, Chicago,
during the heyday of DIY cassette culture, and the 'zines and radio stations that catered to same.
Zines: OP, Sound Choice, Option, Factsheet Five, Duplex Planet, Maximum Rock and Roll, File 13, Xexoxial Endarchy, et al.
FM radio stations: WZRD, WNUR, WHPK (Chicago); KPFA (Berkeley); WREK (Atlanta); KAOS (Olympia, WA);
WFMU (NJ/NYC); CKLN (Toronto); CKUT (Montreal); Radio Omladinski
(Zagreb, Croatia), et al.

All told, about twenty cassettes, three compilation LPs (four discs in total), three editions of a 'zine, and perhaps a dozen live shows were produced.

Radio playlists, distributors, musicians, and correspondents eventually totalled fourteen countries.

Cassettes were packaged in melted junk LP "fortune cookies" that had to be broken open to gain access (see images at bottom of page).

The compilation LP series was entitled WHAT IS TRUTH? on the suggestion of, and first LP title track by, Eugene Chadbourne.

The first two LPs were packaged in junk sleeves that featured individually hand-crafted and numbered artwork
(painting and collage) executed over the previous cover

The third LP featured custom hand-crafted marbled paper.

For each unit of all three LP releases, every cover was completely different.


All tracks now available for free downloads




WHAT IS TRUTH? Vol. 1 — 1986 — edition of 500

Featuring tracks by:
Eugene Chadbourne, Hunting Lodge, German Shepherds, Furry Couch,
Randy Greif, Phil Minton & Roger Turner, Research Defense Squad,
Devil Bell Hippies, Gary Marks, Burden of Friendship



WHAT IS TRUTH? Vol. 2 — 1988 — edition of 1000

Featuring tracks by:
Violence & the Sacred, Blitzoids, German Shepherds, Randy Greif,
Musica Menta, Furry Couch, Proof of Utah, Gary Marks,
Eugene Chadbourne, Haters, Elizabeth Harper, Scott Marshall



WHAT IS TRUTH? Vol. 3 — 2LP — 1990 — edition of 500

Featuring tracks by:
Legendary Pink Dots (thirty minutes of previously unreleased material), Proof of Utah,
Scott Marshall, Illusion of Safety, Sebastian Gandera, Pupaum,
Furry Couch, Blitzoids, Jabon, Devil Bell Hippies, Mike Krause, Murray Reams, Fool's Paradise,
German Shepherds, La Sonorite Jaune, Unit 731, Eugene Chadbourne



Example of cassette packaging (c. 1989):

Title of example: Scott Marshall & FriendsWE HAVE MET THE BURDEN OF FRIENDSHIP AND THEM IS US • (45;00) • 1985


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