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for The American Bystander magazine (inaugural issue, cover art with Ethan Persoff)


for Aviation Week magazine (Person of the Year issue cover art, various)



for Lemon magazine (article on Stanley Kubrick)


for Third Coast Digest magazine (article on culinary tourism)




Halloween 2007 – The D.I.Y. Senator Larry Craig Mugshot Mask was a hit!


Idea, production, and distribution: Ethan Persoff; Drawing: Scott Marshall

A full-size high-resolution PDF online download of the line drawing (seen above)
that you cut out and attached to any paper grocery bag.

The response was gratifying. Over 35,000 direct downloads from Ethan's site (plus unknown extra quantities of copies made or sent)

Excellent media response:

Big headline, complete interview from Capitol Hill's daily newspaper of record Roll Call
(who originally broke the Larry Craig story):

[click here for 668K PDF of article]

In addition to:

The best response came from KIVI-TV, Channel 6, ABC affiliate in BOISE, IDAHO, Craig's home state
(broadcast at both 5 and 6pm segments, note the mask on the monitor behind the reporter):


Flickr.com saw a number of people posting images of themselves with the mask:


Click here for Ethan's site, to find CBS and KIVI Channel 6 videos and complete article reprints of media coverage.





email / FTP / animation collage game with Ethan Persoff

Round One (2006) – Poodle: Samizdat
Click here for video (10:00)

Screened at
Festival de Cannes (Cannes, France) • DC Shorts Festival (WDC) • Galapagos Film Festival (NYC)

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Round Two (2008) – Poodle: Larry
Click here for video (3:37)

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Round Three based upon The New Yorker cover of 21 July 2008: